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Hi, my name is Marcin Aman and I am a Software Developer
About me

About me

I am a passionate full stack developer, with over 2 years of professional experience in designing, implementing and maintaining web applications.
Things I am good at:
Developing robust application with Scala/Java
Creating websites using pure JS or Angular
Working with SQL databases
Things I am still learning, but have experience with:
Microservices with ES/CQRS
My work
My work
Some of my projects:
Web scraper with Akka
Scala web scraper with Akka

Sample Scala application that periodically checks for new deals in shops and notifies users via Slack. It was built using brand new Akka Persistance API and SQL Lite database.

MS SQL database project
Conferences database

A MS SQL database for a company that organises conferences. I've designed and built it according to (fictitious) customer's requirements.

Video processing on Raspberry PI
Video streaming and processing on Raspberry PI

Streaming application that takes an image from camera, processes it using Python's OpenCV and streams to a website.

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